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Great Gloves, Made to Get the Job Done

Tough gloves for tough jobs; only available at Stripes and More!

Tillman makes the best-fitting, best-made gloves on the market today. A fanatical commitment to quality and attention to detail make Tillman gloves a superior value, and The Brand Pros Demand for over 85 years.

We protect people from workplace hazards. Our hand protection offerings include cut, puncture, tear, abrasion, heat, or cold. We differentiate ourselves as a supplier by manufacturing many of our product offerings. From our leather tanning facilities, cut and sew operations, yarn spinning, and string knit manufacturing, we utilize the latest technologies to bring you the safest gear.

For 25 years Cordova Safety Products has expertly provided consumer and industrial personal protective equipment.

From eyewear to the latest advances in cutting-edge respiratory technology, North-branded products demonstrate proven performance and are known for high quality and reliability, applied across a broad range of new product introductions, every year.

Microflex® best-in-class single use gloves do more than just protect hands, they protect lives, products and careers. Microflex innovations take comfort, performance and productivity to a new level through technologies that deliver improved dexterity and grip, enhanced chemical resistance and superior fit. From laboratories and dental offices, to factories and auto shops, Microflex products go beyond protection to redefine the experience of wearing single use gloves.